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A Guide to Portland's Quadrants

Portland has five distinct sections, known as quadrants: North Portland, Northeast Portland, Northwest Portland, Southeast Portland, and Southwest Portland. Northwest Portland and Southwest Portland are part of the city's west side, an older, more traditional part of Portland. North Portland, Northeast Portland, and Southeast Portland are part of Portland's east side, a more eclectic and offbeat part of the city. All in all, these five quadrants contain over 90 official neighborhoods, each with it's own unique atmosphere.

North Portland

North Portland is a unique mixture of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. It is made up of eleven neighborhoods, including Piedmont and St. Johns.

Piedmont is considered one of the best places to live in Oregon. Residents tend to be relatively young professionals, and most Piedmont residents own their homes. Piedmont is home to Peninsula Park, as well as a number of excellent restaurants and taverns.

St. Johns has a small-town feel, with plenty of outdoor attractions. For example, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities at Kelley Point Park and Cathedral Park. The St. Johns area is also home to the country's largest protected wetland, the Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area.

Northeast Portland

Northeast Portland is actually the center of the city. From here, you can easily access other parts of Portland. Northeast Portland is known for it's beautiful neighborhoods, which feature a variety of architecture due to relatively free zoning rules. This area has over 20 distinct neighborhoods, including Alameda and the Alberta Arts District.

Alameda is characterized by beautiful homes on quiet, tree-lined avenues. From Alameda Ridge, you can enjoy fantastic views of the Portland area. Alameda has several parks to explore, including Fernhill Park, Wilshire Park, and the well-known Grant Park.

The Alberta Arts District offers a wide selection of eclectic bars, restaurants, shops, and food carts. In the summer, over a dozen blocks of the area are used to exhibit and sell local artists' wares. This event, known as Last Thursday, is something you definitely want to experience if you have the opportunity.

Northwest Portland

Northwest Portland Is an upscale area known for it's fine dining, stylish shops, and panoramic views of Portland. Northwest Portland has a number of well-known neighborhoods, including Pearl District and Nob Hill.

Pearl District used to be made up of abandoned warehouses and run-down rail yards. Today, after undergoing a dramatic renaissance, it's one of Portland's most popular neighborhoods, with excellent restaurants, unique boutiques, and world-class art galleries.

Nob Hill is another upscale neighborhood, filled with classic Victorian architecture; trendy restaurants and shopping venues, and shaded, tree-lined streets. When visiting Nob Hill, you'll definitely want to check out the restaurants on NW 23rd, including the well-known 23Hoyt restaurant.
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Southeast Portland

Southeast Portland spans a wide area, running from Burnside Street to Gresham. Because of the large area covered, this quadrant can accommodate a variety of diverse lifestyles.

One of the more entertaining areas in this quadrant is inner Southeast Portland (not actually an official neighborhood). This area is known for its offbeat subculture, quirky shops, and iconic street art.

Mount Tabor Neighborhood is definitely an area worth visiting if you have the time. Here, you'll find Mount Tabor, a 600-foot high volcanic cinder cone. Mount Tabor Neighborhood is also home to Mount Tabor Park, a beautiful 200-acre park that has plenty of hiking trails and three scenic reservoirs.
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Southwest Portland

Southwest Portland is home to many of Portland's most well-known attractions. It's very easy to get around in this quadrant because it's the heart of The Tri-Met system. Southwest Portland includes sixteen unique neighborhoods, as well as the downtown Portland area.

Downtown Portland offers visitors excellent restaurants, unique shops, and fantastic cultural activities in a relatively small area. You can visit such popular attractions as the Portland Art Museum, Portland's Farmers' Market, Waterfront Park, and the Oregon Historical Society. And don't miss out on the many events held in Pioneer Courthouse Square, such as free concerts and movies.