Portland, OR

Mae is a very unique restaurant that serves Southern foods with the Pacific Northwest produce. When you eat at Mae there are preserved fruits, veggies, heirloom grits, cornbread, housemade vinegar, and pork. Enjoy your meal with your choices of alcoholic beverages. They have some great cocktails like meemaw's tea, derby hat, roadside farmstand, Downeast daisy and more. For some wine, they have some great local wines as well as the dom. serol sparkling rose Turbulent, FR, NV, and champagne. If you are more of a beer cider person they have that too including Rainier, reverend Nat's Revival Cider, and a rotating option. They also some great wine bottle options in the bottle including white wines, rose, amber, red, pet nat, and champagne.

The restaurant is open Wednesday to Friday by reservation only. You can make a reservation on the website or by a phone call at 503.444.7947. They are located in Portland, Oregon and you won't regret visiting. Visit Mae for the exquisite southern favorites.